Evangelical leader who believes COVID-19 is a ‘gift from god’ unveils strategy to keep Trump in office

On Saturday, The Intercept detailed a recent gathering of United in Purpose, a far-right evangelical group that plans to get President Donald Trump re-elected in 2020.

One of the group’s donors, Ken Eldred, espoused his beliefs on a call in mid-April.

“’The COVID virus has been a gift from God,’ began Ken Eldred. ‘The kingdom of God advances through a series of glorious victories, cleverly disguised as disasters.’ In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Eldred noted, millions of Americans are turning to Christ, Walmart is selling out of Bibles, and online church broadcasts have hit record numbers,” reported Lee Fang. “But while religiosity was growing, there have been setbacks from the disease outbreak. ‘Satan has been busy too,’ Eldred, a major donor to evangelical and Republican causes, explained. ‘The virus has messed up many of our plans involving our in-person meetings with voters.’

Eldred expressed this sentiment clearly when he told his fellows on the call, “The children of the darkness put early voting into this CARES package.”


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