Giuliani: “Don’t Elect Progressive Democrats If You Want To Be Safe”

So, what — what should happen here — what should happen here is somebody should take over. Progressive Democrats are incapable of keeping their people safe because they have criminal family policies that are pathetic, that are dangerous, and now, we are seeing the results are only there, but watch the cities that start burning. They are all going to be run by so-called progressive, idiot Democrats who let criminals out of jail, who set bail for murderers and who encourage this kind of thing.

Giving up a police precinct, the mayor should resign. Telling police officers to flee a precinct, he should resign and be replaced by somebody who can protect his people.

The governor should resign, because he’s had four days to protect his people. He’s not doing it.

This is about protecting people’s property and protecting people’s lives. One man has died already. How many more are going to die before somebody starts to protect the people of Minnesota, Minneapolis, the people of Atlanta, the people of New York?

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