Racism in America

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There’s something about changing your mind that’s very interesting. It is like having an epiphany, but the truth is the truth was always there.  

I recently came across this meme on the pages of our gracious host Breaking News. 

Racism in America

While I didn’t previously, I now support Colin Kaepernick kneeling before the national anthem. 

The meme is a powerful one. 

In one image, an object of fear for Blacks, the white male police officer, slowly murders an innocent Black man (George Floyd) with his full body weight. 

In the second image, a Black man (Colin Kaepernick) shows his disrespect towards the country which allows cops to murder Black people at an above-normal an abnormal rate.


I used to disagree with Colin out of respect for America. America fought a brutal civil war to end slavery, America fought fascism, and America stood down communism. 

But being better than Nzis and Stalinists is a rather low bar. 

If America is really to fulfill its promise and provide the right to the pursuit of happiness, America needs to address its issue of institutional racism. 

Half of the BNR readership thinks institutional racism doesn’t exist. I’ve thought long and hard about how to prove institutional racism exists, and it is admittedly difficult. But it’s not impossible. 

I challenge conservatives who don’t believe institutional racism exists to speak to the people of color they know. 

Ask them, have you ever been followed in a store because an employee thought you would steal something?

Ask them, have you ever been called the N-word?

Ask them, have they ever had an incident where someone weaponized race against them, as Amy Cooper did in New York City recently?

I doubt any conservative who doubts the existence of institutional racism will actually ask a person of color these questions. This is mostly because they are afraid of the answers. 

But in the answers lies the truth. I have never been followed in a store. When I walk into a store and salespeople are watching me, it’s only because they are looking for the right opportunity to jump in and offer a different size or other options. It’s never because I’m going to steal something. 

This is called white privilege. 

I implore conservatives who deny that institutional racism exists, to actually talk to Black people and people of color and learn about their experiences. If institutional racism actually doesn’t exist, you have nothing to be afraid of. 

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