Anti-Racism Protests: Outcry After Shooting In Atlanta; Clashes In Paris And London

For the third weekend in a row, protesters took to the streets in the United States — and in at least two foreign capitals — to demand racial justice in the wake of George Floyd’s killing by police.

In Atlanta, demonstrators were galvanized by the fatal shooting of a black man by police in the parking lot of a local fast food restaurant on Friday.

In Paris, the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police last month has brought a renewed surge of calls to bring charges against three officers involved in the death of Adama Traoré, a black man who died in police custody in 2016 in a suburb just outside the French capital. 

Protesters were met by riot police on Saturday as they filled the streets chanting: “Justice for Adama.” The protest began at the Place de la République, according to reports by The Guardian and the BBC, where several demonstrators climbed the statue of Marianne, a monument personifying the French Republic.

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