Black Trans Lives Matter protest packs NYC same day Cuomo threatens businesses over street parties, social distancing violations

Throwing any thoughts of social distancing out the window, thousands of protesters packed the courtyard of the Brooklyn Museum in New York City on Sunday to support the Black Trans Lives Matter movement.

But New York businesses better not expect the same warm embrace from Democrats and their media enablers if they dare open their doors for a haircut or a cup of coffee.

When it comes to the perpetually aggrieved left taking to the streets to protest, which has taken on a live all its own, it appears that every subset of marginalized people are to have their moment in the sun — perhaps, a Black Lesbian Lives Matter protest will be coming to a street near you soon.

The crowd outside Brooklyn Museum. Can I get a haircut now? And can my kids go to the park? @NYCMayor

— Jewish Deplorable 🇺🇸 (@TrumpJew) June 14, 2020

Sunday’s protest took place early in the afternoon in support of black people who’ve decided to identify as a gender other than what God assigned them at birth.

Speeches on the importance of human rights for black transgender lives were given, before the throng set off on a march.

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