New UK report exposes massive online network of far-right antisemitism

 Gab hosts “Britfam,” a network of British users that has 4,000 members and approximately 1,000 posts per day, which far-right extremists use to circulate racism, antisemitism and Holocaust denial.

A quick search of 4chan’s /pol/ discussion board will return at least 26 different threads that had the words “kill” and “Jews” in the title and contained “explicit calls for Jews to be killed.”The encrypted messaging app Telegram was found to host several images and posts that celebrated far-right terrorists, including British terrorists Thomas Mair and David Copeland, alongside other images that urge users to kill Jews.

“The consequences of inaction are clear. Until this hate fuel is challenged and comprehensively removed, it is likely that further acts of violence will continue or worsen,” the report concluded. 

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