‘Stop Talking About Anarchists & DO Something About Them

“It’s past time for Democrat Mayors and Governors to get tough. Violent thugs are running rampant – these people are ANARCHISTS,” says the fundraiser.

“While the Fake News has been inciting hatred and chaos, President Trump is working around the clock to restore LAW AND ORDER in these communities where liberal leadership has FAILED.


“It’s time for this madness to END, but President Trump cannot do it alone. He needs to know he has your support during this unprecedented time.

“We’re sending him a list of EVERY PATRIOT who steps up and publicly shows their support, and we want to make sure he sees YOUR NAME.”

Says the ‘Cowboy Poet’ never known to mince words with all due respect:

“You people are poor fund raisers.  You should work for the Democrats, their rank and file are stupid enough to go for this.

“If the protesters are anarchists (and I think they are), why are not the people who are supporting them (Democrat mayors and governors) being arrested for aiding and abetting the anarchists—as they themselves are also ANARCHISTS”.


With America still burning in fires set by angry, out of control mobs, and residents of some downtown streets of Seattle being held hostage by CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone), isn’t it time to stop pussyfooting around by just talking about the anarchists instead of DOING something about them?

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