The psychologist in the Trump family speaks

By Michael D’Antonio

Updated 1:25 PM ET, Wed June 17, 2020

(CNN)Born into a fabulously wealthy family of seemingly continuous intrigues, betrayals and conflicts, Mary L. Trump did not seek the spotlight. She earned a master’s in literature at Columbia and a doctorate in psychology at Adelphi University.

These disciplines seem to have prepared her to understand and reveal deep truths in a way that would make the family’s secret-keepers freak out. It’s safe to assume they are freaking out now.

In late July Dr. Trump will publish a book, ominously titled, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.”

Most readers won’t need any more clues about her subject — her uncle, President Trump. But those who do could consult the cover, which features a photo of a young Trump before he became the figure who now lumbers upon the world stage and lurks in so many nightmares.

Three and a half years into the Trump era, endless words have been spent illustrating the chaotic and cruel personality that can, to cite just one example, schedule a huge ego-gratifying rally in the middle of a deadly pandemic caused by a viciously contagious virus.


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