Barbecue Season: Propane or Charcoal?

So, I just confirmed my Y-chromosome-owner status and assembled our family’s first barbecue two days ago… and installed the propane tank yesterday.

Yay! We have a barbecue! (Coleman 4-burner model)

But, as a follower of the Mike Judge universe, I know the idea of calling a propane-gas grill a “barbecue” is controversial. A proper grill should involve charcoal, and heating coals… not to mention as an Alton Brown follower, I’ve been taught a proper barbecue involves big pieces of meat, and bricks, and hours of loving slow-cooking! (not chicken fillets and hot dogs)

(I’m not sure I should even mention: apparently there’s a gas conversion kit so I could just be powering my barbecue directly out of the house… but that would mean not even using propane!)

So… how do you feel about barbecuing? Are you a Hank Hill “Taste the meat, not the heat” propane proponent? Are you an Alton Brown charcoal briquettes in a green egg savant? Or are you a “proper barbecue or go home” purist?

What state does the best barbecuing, and why?

What is the finest barbecue you’ve ever had?

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