My Walk with God

I’m a phony if my spiritual life doesn’t jive with “right now.” There’s no point hiding my foul mood from God; own it. Christ drew a clear line between doing and being — ‘Let your light so shine.’ Jesus’s pet peeves were hypocrisy and unbelief.

A steady relationship with the Unseen keeps a man or woman in the present, ‘walking in the light of his eyes.’ Walking with God learns his character (if not his haphazardness). ‘My ways are past finding out.’ Jesus Christ revealed God’s character: ‘I am the way.’

Being born of the life of God is akin to a teenager’s first love — forever is here and now. Ah, but suddenly all is darkness, conflict and division, and a time to hang tough, or give it up. ‘The Lord is my shepherd..’ “Follow me, Arnold.”

Who’s central to you?

And why?





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