‘Something’s wrong with Donald Trump’: New ad from Republican group that drove president into a fury questions his health

Days after he was shown struggling to descend a gentle ramp at the West Point graduation ceremony, Donald Trump has been hit with a new attack ad drawing attention to what it says is evidence of his poor and declining health.


The 45-second video comes from the Lincoln Project, a group formed by longtime Republican campaign strategists who view the president’s re-election as a risk to the future of the US.


Over shots of Mr Trump teetering down the West Point ramp and struggling to lift bottles of water, the ad’s concerned voiceover urgently informs the viewer: “Something’s wrong with Donald Trump.”


It says: “He’s shaky. Weak. Trouble speaking. Trouble walking. So why aren’t we talking about this – and why isn’t the press covering Trump’s secret midnight run to Walter Reed Medical Centre? Why do so many reporters who cover the White House pretend they can’t see Trump’s decline?

Article URL : https://news.yahoo.com/something-wrong-donald-trump-ad-124752178.html

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