Boogaloo Boys Will Be Boogaloo Boys?: The Right Doesn’t Seem Too Broken Up About Slain Cop Anymore

There was one big problem with that though, and that is that it was discovered this week that Air Force Sgt. Steven Carrillo, the guy who (allegedly) killed Underwood (along with Sheriff Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller when police came to his house to arrest him), was in fact a far-right Boogaloo Boy. Carrillo, 32, and his getaway driver Robert Alvin Justus Jr, 30, had met in a Boogaloo group on Facebook and the pair had planned to use the George Floyd protests in Oakland as a cover to kill cops, have it blamed on “antifa,” and get the race war of their dreams going.

Carrillo and Justus are not the only “boogaloo boys” currently in trouble with the law. In April, 36-year-old Boogaloo Boy Aaron Swenson livestreamed his search for a police officer to kill, but was arrested before that could happen.

The Right was not too worked up about that either. In fact, the Blue Lives Matter crowd in general is not that upset about the Boogaloo Boys or their desire to kill cops in hopes of starting a race war. Republicans are not nearly as bothered by this as they are by the tearing down of Confederate statues. This is partially because the Boogaloo groups are very far right, but it’s also because they do not present a threat to the hierarchy. They can be “lone wolves,” they can be dismissed, because they’re not going to upset the system in the same way tearing down a Confederate statue does. The Right loves to venerate police officers, but only as long as they are playing their prescribed role in the system — same as their great love for veterans and Gold Star families that only lasts so long as they don’t do anything to upset Donald Trump.

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