Canceling Joe Rogan Would be the Left’s Worst Nightmare – Here’s Why

Joe Rogan is facing the cancel mob after his friends Chris D’Elia, and Joey Diaz are accused of sexual misconduct.
Oh, and he’s not a big fan of masks.
If the left actually succeeded in canceling him, it might be their biggest failure yet.
Twitter is turning up the heat on podcast superstar and the ‘Bro’ sen One, Joe Rogan. His buddy Joey Diaz is also facing the music.

Rogan has long drawn the ire of far-leftists. He uses his massive podcast following to promote, among others, left and right-leaning speakers.

He describes himself as a ‘mostly liberal.’ Yet liberals see him as a toxic man who’s giving a platform to dangerous, alt-right ideas.

But now that several of his comedian friends are facing sexual misconduct allegations, liberals on Twitter are taking their shot.

They should pray they don’t succeed.

Liberals Have Always Wanted Joe Rogan’s Head
Joe Rogan is not easy to peg down. He fits multiple conflicting archetypes. He’s an MMA fighter and commentator who has a jujitsu grip on the minds of ‘bros’ all across the country.

But the comedian is also a loud proponent of psychedelics, and he has a curious mind that enrages people who want him to choose a side. He doesn’t like Donald Trump. He doesn’t like Joe Biden.

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