Nearly 75 percent of disgruntled DC cops want to quit amid national protests while NYC murders have increased by 70 percent since unrest began and shootings in the Big Apple have more than doubled

  • Emergency police reforms released in the wake of George Floyd’s death have angered many officers across the country
  • A new D.C. police union survey shows 71 percent of the city’s cops are now considering leaving the force 
  • 98.7 percent of those polled say they have been ‘completely abandoned’ by politicians; 96 percent say crime will rise in the wake of new reforms
  • Meanwhile, violent crime was up dramatically in New York City in May, in comparison with figures from the same time last year 
  • Robberies were up 34 percent, murders 79 percent, and shootings 64 percent 
  • Shootings have continued to surge into the month of June, as the NYPD plainclothes anti-crime unit was disbanded
  • ‘This is what the politicians wanted – no bail, nobody in Rikers prison, cops not arresting anyone,’ one irate officer told The New York Post 
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