White Lyft passenger threatens to crush Hispanic driver’s skull and hurls racial slurs at him after he asked him to wear a mask

A white man has been banned from Lyft after launching into a racist rant when the Hispanic driver asked him if he could wear a face mask.

A dashboard camera in the car shows the passenger, who gave his name as Richard, threatening to crush the driver’s skull.

When Edgar’s GPS tells him to take the freeway, Richard announces: ‘I don’t like you. You ask me to wear a mask – I’m going to give you a s***** review.’

‘I’m could f****** crush your skull right now,’ Richard said, leaving Edgar to calmly remind him that he was being filmed by the dashboard camera.

‘I’m not going to do that because I’m not an idiot,’ Richard retorted.

He calls the driver, who gave his name as Edgar, as ‘a f****** wet back’ and refers to him repeatedly as ‘boy’.

I’m an American, mother f*****,’ he replies. ‘Fought for this country three times in the goddamned war.’

‘I’m an American too,’ Edgar points out.

‘No you’re not. You don’t speak English,’ said Richard.


Article URL : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8441839/Lyft-passenger-threatens-crush-drivers-skull-asks-wear-mask.html

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