Champions of violent Cultural Marxism, ANTIFA and BLM, are destroying, burning, looting Our Society

Over the last four decades, political correctness promoted strongly by academia and the MSM has gained steam and unprecedented momentum. The “progressive” wing of society exploited the rest by using their money, power, and influence to install Cultural Marxism.

The nuclear family, Christianity, traditional morality, race, gender, and sexual identity were attacked one by one to achieve this goal. All were depicted as tyranny of the “evil white man” who benefited from “white privilege” at the expense of the “black and oppressed man.”


“Cultural Marxism is a Marxist dialectic infused with Freudian theory and applied to identity and culture.” People are divided into groups, each with their own narrative of historical oppression. These groups are given the status of victimhood and thus all its members must fight together against the predetermined oppressors. The members then transform the perceived wrongs and resentments into full-blown hatred for Caucasians, resulting in protests, riots, and cultural revolution.

The Italian socialist Antonio Gramsci wrote that Christianity, the bedrock of Western European cultures, stands in the way of socialism. The fifth column inside these countries should be used to destroy the foundations of the Western culture, he wrote, thus enabling the advance of socialism at all levels of society.

The Marxist scholars of the Frankfurter School at the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt, Germany, picked up Gramsci’s idea and, when they fled Hitler’s Germany, they brought it to New York where they started training Doctors of Education and Doctors of Philosophy.

They then indoctrinated Marxist teachers who influenced every generation of students in our public schools and universities, immersed in Marxist theory, with hate and disdain for their own country, its symbols, heroes, its Judeo-Christian roots, and its history.

Their ultimate goals were to seek power and to resolve the manufactured injustices, created by Cultural Marxist activists, with radical social engineering projects that will fundamentally and irreversibly change our society.

The celebrated hero of the radical left is Karl Marx, who, in collaboration with his friend Friedrich Engels, wrote that the history of all societies is a history of class struggles between two basic classes of people, the owners of the means of production (the exploiters) and those who sell their physical labor to survive (the exploited).


Marx was an intellectual bum who was allergic to work, content to be supported by his rich friends

In socialist countries the means of production were owned by the omnipotent Communist Party-ruled government (the exploiters) and those who sold their labor for pennies a day, the proletariat (the exploited). A powerful force which enabled the tyrannical government to stay in power, was composed of police, military, and hundreds of thousands of paid snitches, Karens.

Marx was an intellectual bum who was allergic to work, content to be supported by his rich friends, while his large family suffered from his neglect and his lack of willingness to work in order to provide food and a decent existence. As the communist apparatchiks often repeated to each other, “hard work is for the tractors.”

Marx and Engels saw the oppressors and the oppressed in constant struggle and …”in a revolutionary reconstruction of society at large or in the common ruin of the contending classes.”

The duo believed that one day there will be peace instead of war and unity instead of opposition. Never mind that this statement “violated their own theory of dialectics which says nothing in nature can be at rest—everything is a unity of opposing forces.”

And the root of all this class struggle, they said, is private property which must be abolished at all costs. There is no coincidence that U.N. Agenda 21/2030 states that private property is not sustainable and must be dispensed with to fulfill its 17 sustainable development goals.

Engels wrote that class hatred rose from private property. In the absence of private property there will be no greed, pride, selfishness, imperialism, and war. “Private property also had led to the necessity of creating the State.”

Having lived under the boot of socialism dictated by the Communist Party, I know firsthand that classes do exist, the communist party elites with their followers, and the poor proletariat whose private property had been confiscated by the Communist Party and distributed to the communist elites and their sycophants.

Karl Marx was the founder of “scientific socialism,” whose ideas, launched decades of pain, suffering, famine, killings, tortures,  forced labor camps for those whose ideas were divergent from communism

Karl Marx was the founder of “scientific socialism,” whose ideas, in collaboration with his benefactor Friedrich Engels, launched decades of pain, suffering, famine, killings, tortures, and forced labor camps for those whose ideas were divergent from communism. They were punished and sent to reeducation camps in the infamous gulags where many perished. The Marxist philosophy caused more than a century of oppression of people struggling to survive day bay day under the communist utopian boot.

Teen Vogue presented Karl Marx in 2018 in a rosy light, as the “anti-capitalist scholar and economist.” There is no mention at all how Marx’s dangerous ideas, applied in many Soviet satellite countries, have resulted in the death of 100 million innocents at the hands of the Communist Party totalitarian regimes.

“Scientific socialism” was an actual course taught yearly to both high school and college students in socialist Soviet satellite countries. The U.S. advisor, who looked at my transcript in 1980, laughed when he saw such a course. He said that they do not give college credit for Marxist indoctrination. Today I would probably get six hours credit and a trophy.

There is nothing scientific about socialism and it does not take care of people as the name implies. (socius, Latin for comrade, ally) Just as there is nothing “shared” under communism except misery, pain, and suffering. (communis, Latin for shared)

There are many overtly declared socialists and communists today in Congress and in state and local governments, yet they live under and profit from the capitalist market economy.

The World Workers Party, a self-defined “revolutionary Marxist Leninist communist party in the United States,” celebrated in May 2018 in New York 200 years since the birth of their guru, Karl Marx. The theme was Marx@200, the Class Struggle in the Age of Trump.

Never before has a sitting U.S. President been so vilified, disrespected, insulted, and maligned continuously by the radical left like President Trump has, a man who gave up a lot to help our country and to create a thriving economy for all until the Corona-19 virus plan-demic hit.

There is an insufferable, bizarre, and constant hateful rhetoric coming from the left and their Democrat Party’s divisive and anti-American platform which glorifies criminals, rioters, and looters.

Communism has been tried in 1620 in the Pilgrim Colony at Plymouth. This communist society of religious men and women was determined, due to their isolation, to succeed—they had to work to survive.

Governor William Bradford wrote that young single men resented having to work to sustain those less able to work, and for other men’s wives and children. Men’s wives did not want to be slaves to those who were not married, i.e., “dressing their meat, washing their clothes, etc., they deemed it a kind of slavery.”

The production of this communist colony was so low that “the colonists were faced with starvation.” The moral of this actual event was that the taking away of property and bringing it into a commonwealth was a huge mistake. Communism was abandoned in favor of free enterprise capitalism and the colony prospered.

Skousen wrote, “The Pilgrim Fathers had discovered the great human secret that a man will compel himself to go over so much further than he will permit anyone else to compel him to go.” (W. Cleon Skousen, The Naked Communist, 2014, p. 137)

Skousen continued, “Governor Bradford concluded that Communism is not only inefficient but that it is unnatural and in violation of the laws of God.”

A man named John Reed, a journalist, freshly returned from Moscow in March 1919, encouraged left wing socialists to form a communist party (a Third International copied after Marx’s First International to promote world revolution) in this country and to use “revolutionary activity to Sovietize America.”

And the violence and bombings (caused by communist activists) that followed are well documented by historical records but are certainly not taught in public schools, only Howard Zinn’s revisionist history.
Through young and brainwashed activists, talking points in support of communism were established. They are easily debunked:

Activists want to get rid of capitalism to save the planet

The planet does not need saving, Mother Nature is doing a fine job of coping and renewing itself with help from conservationists. Capitalism creates jobs and opportunities to succeed for all, while communist utopia crates slaves beholden to the omnipotent technocratic government.

Activists fight against war

Activists specializing in community organizing, agitation of the weak-minded, and indoctrination of the young compass-less would be better served to look for a real job and to contribute to the improvement of their fellow Americans of all races by volunteering instead of protesting for pay, building instead of burning neighborhoods and businesses that serve such neighborhoods, donating to needy families instead of looting, and cleaning instead of leaving tons of trash and destruction behind when they are done with the protest d’jour.

Liberation movements done in the name of fake problems and invented constructs

Everybody is free to work, to behave properly in polite society, when stopped by police, and to follow the rule of law. Apply yourselves, show up for work every day, don’t complain, renounce violence, stop being a protected minority, it is insulting to your intelligence and ability, pay taxes, use your time and money to study a meaningful subject matter that would result in employment, pursue useful skills that society needs instead of useless propaganda fluff majors, and integrate in society in a meaningful way. Social justice, racial justice, and environmental justice may seem like lofty goals, but jobs are scarce and temporary.

At the end of the day, young Americans are manipulated by the government, academia, and the media to gain control of society and to move it in the direction of socialism.  Cultural Marxism with its political correctness, multiculturalism, and anti-racism will degrade civilization and society for a long time.

The champions of violent Cultural Marxism, ANTIFA and BLM, are taking the country on a downward spiral with the blessing of federal, state, and local politicians who give them space to destroy, burn, and loot our once successful country, the envy of the world.

Eastern European countries are still trying to recover economically and emotionally after decades of Marxist oppressive rule by the violent Communist Party and their apparatchiks. Cultural Marxism will completely hamper their recovery and produce serious setbacks morally, economically, and financially.

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

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