Trump’s sparsely-attended Tulsa rally exposed his greatest weakness: conservative

n a column for the Daily Beast, conservative — and former Republican — Matt Lewis said Donald Trump’s disastrous Tulsa campaign rally before a half-empty arena exposed what will likely dog him through the run-up to November’s election.

He has become boring and his fans are tuning him out.

With Twitter in full mockery mode over the poor turnout as evidenced by thousands of unoccupied seats after presidential promises of not only a packed house, but overflow crowds that also did not show up, Lewis wrote that Trump’s campaign is in trouble.

“It started with an underwhelming crowd, which only matters because of how he’s hyped and exaggerated expectations for them,” Lewis wrote, adding, “… even the crowd who did show up seemed to be more subdued than normal. Sure, they applauded. Sure, they cheered. But it seemed like they were going through the motions. There’s a difference between a crowd that is enthralled and one that is polite.”

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