Is the fight for Gay Rights over in the USA?

One last wedding cake discussion?

With the ruling from Judge Gorsuch, that the language Title 7 protects gender and sexuality, and that gay people, and transgender people, are legally protected classes of people in the United States… am I wrong in believing the fight for legal gay rights is over in North America?

  • Gay people have won the right to serve openly in the military, and civil service.
  • Gay people have won the right to legal marriage and protection in every state.
  • Gay people have won the right to be protected from arbitrary cruelty and discrimination, and cannot be refused service, fired, or deprived of a home because of their sexuality.

Gay candidates can, and have, run openly for any position in American politics.

An openly gay man has been sworn into serve on the cabinet with the President. (And, just to be clear, he was sworn in by Vice-President Pence while his boyfriend held the family bible).

And… let’s remember, in 2004, a President won re-election promising to take partisan action to deprive gay people of civic equality. “Guns, Gays, and God” was the rallying cry of the political right in American just 15 years ago.

So: is there any argument left to be made in America that religious teachings should supersede the civic rights of gay people in society? Or, thanks to Gorsuch and Trump, is this one nailed in the coffin and buried? (And, let’s not lose sight… an argument for the religious right to vote for Trump was that he would appoint justices to the supreme court that would protect the rights of the religious… like the right to be arbitrarily cruel to, and refuse service to gay people… I guess?)

Cake anyone?

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