Thought crimes Now Prosecuted in the Land of the Free

Amid COVID-19 pandemic hysteria, racial tensions, and demands to defund the police, putting in real danger lives and businesses across America, the most disturbing part of the leftist “activism” in the overheated political climate is, perhaps, a vicious attack on First Amendment rights.  In business and academia, media, and sports, we see people holding opinions that deviate from the leftist discourse being attacked.  Practically anything, any piece of fact, statistics, sentiments like “all lives matter,” any picture, any opinion expressed as civilly as possible, may cost you your job, reputation, and even life.

“Social justice warriors” are torching traditional liberal beliefs about free speech and tolerance with ideas so toxic and destructive that they shut the debate down, moving straight to shaming, threats, and intimidation — all while calling for a “discussion” about race.  Evidently, only unarguable support is allowed.  Deal with your “white fragility,” you racist, and then fully submit.  There’s no middle ground.

Just like in a Rorschach inkblot test meant to measure thought disorder for the purpose of identifying a mental illness, racism is spotted virtually everywhere.  Is it a bunny or a monster that you see in that picture?  Is it a rational argument, or is it an insult?  Your opinion or a hate crime?  And if you don’t see a monster here, then you are a monster yourself — and will be treated as such.

We’re witnessing organization after organization being bullied into searching out thoughtcrime.  We’re talking about not some KKK proclamations, but cases where people were punished for common sense that was found offensive.  Even a UCLA professor may be placed under investigation for reading Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” to his students, or his colleague could be suspended from his job after refusing a student’s request to effectively cancel final exams for black students amid protests over the death of George Floyd.


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