Bug Hall, known as Alfalfa in ‘Little Rascals,’ arrested after allegedly inhaling air duster

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Bug Hall, the actor best known for playing the adorable tyke Alfalfa in “Little Rascals,” was arrested after he was caught allegedly inhaling an air duster.

The actor, whose real name is Brandon Bug Hall-Barnett, 35, was arrested on Saturday in Weatherford, Texas, after cops responded to calls for a “status check” for a possible “overdose poisoning,” according to a police report obtained by Fox News.

Calls to the local department were made from individuals who reported “someone by the dumpster huffing,” the police report furthers.

Police records show that Hall was placed under arrest for possession for use to inhale or ingest a volatile chemical. Hall was transported to a local county jail and held on a $1,500 surety bond.

According to TMZ, who first reported the story, it was Hall’s family members who requested the police check on him.



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