Indians Turn Against Chinese Regime Amid CCP Virus Outbreak and Border Dispute

The killing of 20 Indian soldiers by China’s PLA in Ladakh has intensified anti-China sentiment that initially flared with the surge of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic.

“They have made a permanent enemy out of India. It’ll take a minimum of two generations to have a friendly China response from us,” retired Brig. Rumel Dahiya, a veteran who had worked for the joint staff of the Indian forces, told The Epoch Times.

Dahiya said China can forget about any kind of support from India on the international forums. He particularly highlighted “human rights forums” and said India will change its import policy and will take steps to control Chinese investment into Indian startups, China’s purchase of Indian real estate, and the purchase of shares in the Indian stock market by the Chinese companies.

“Certain sectors will be closed for China on security grounds … Efforts will be to diversify imports and systematically reduce imports from China,” said Dahiya who earlier also served as the Deputy Director-General of The Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, a government-funded think tank.

Unnerved by Chinese companies shopping in Indian stock markets, including China’s central bank, as the CCP virus started surging, the Indian government dropped FDI from its neighbors from its automatic approval list in April. Dahiya said neighbors “simply means China.”

A day after the Galwan incident—a border clash between Chinese and Indian military forces—India’s telecom ministry asked its state-run telecom company, BSNL, to rework its 4G network upgrading tender to exclude Chinese telecom companies. It advised private telecom companies to not procure equipment from Chinese firms.

Dahiya said India mostly imports tires from Thailand and China and these are licensed but things will now change. “Thai tires will be permitted but no license will be given to China,” he said explaining the immediate repercussions.

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