Kitten with Hitler moustache dubbed ‘Kitler’ found dumped in Holland

A black and white kitty that resembles the Nazi leader has been found dumped in a box in Amsterdam – the latest in a line of ‘Kitlers’ said to look like the evil mastermind

A little black and white kitten found dumped in a box in Amsterdam is said to bear an uncanny resemblance to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

The boy cat, named Dolfje by Dutch animal rescuers, has a small black strip of fur under its pink nose similar in appearance to the notorious facist leader’s little black moustache.

Rescuers say they found the animal in a box in Molenwijk, north of the Dutch capital and got quite a shock when they looked inside.

Yet despite looking like a tiny tyrant the animal rescue crew didn’t hold it against the adorable feline.

Tweeting about their latest addition, they wrote: “Good morning… we start the day with disbelief.

“Found in a box in the #Molenwijk #Amsterdam.

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