‘Privilege is wearing $200 sneakers when you’ve never had a job or $300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance’: Assistant principal at Staten Island high school is investigated after ‘racist’ rant on Facebook

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The New York City Department of Education has launched an investigation into a troubling Facebook post penned by an employee of a Staten Island high school. 

Deborah Morse-Cunningham, who serves as the assistant principal of New Dorp High School, is still at work despite sharing a lengthy status update in which she pondered the nature of privilege by referring to a number of racial stereotypes. 

‘What is privilege?’ Morse-Cunningham asked in the post, which has now been deleted. 

‘Privilege is wearing $200 sneakers when you’ve never had a job. Privilege is wearing $300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance.

‘Privilege is living in public subsidized housing where you don’t have a water bill, where rising property taxes and rents and energy costs have absolutely no effect on the amount of food you can put on your table.’ 

The lengthy status continued: ‘Privilege is having as many children as you want, regardless of your employment status, and be able to send them off to daycare or school you don’t pay for’. 

According to Staten Island Live, Morse-Cunningham’s Facebook status was spotted by a parent who then started a Change.org petition to have her removed from her position as assistant principal. 



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