‘Progressive visionary’? Why ‘pedophile matchmaker’ was treated as respected sexology expert in Germany FOR DECADES

Helmut Kentler, a man responsible for vulnerable children being sent into the care of pedophiles for decades, wouldn’t have got away with it for so long had he not been admired by those in power, researchers and activists told RT.

Germany is still reeling from a massive child abuse scandal as it was revealed that a man long considered to be one of the “founders of modern sexology” in fact acted as a “matchmaker” for pedophiles by sending neglected children into their care under the passive eye of Berlin authorities.

Such a powerful blow to the psychologist’s reputation would hardly hurt him anyway, though, since the man died back in 2008 at the venerable age of 80. Till the very end, Kentler was considered a progressive thinker and a respectable member of the scientific community.

At the time of his death Germany’s Tageszeitung daily called him a “meritorious fighter for a permissive sexual morality” in an obituary, while various human rights advocacy groups and even some protestant church authorities were vying with each other while praising his life achievements.

It seems even more bizarre since Kentler himself admitted in the 1990s to sending children to live with pedophiles as part of an “experiment.” The exact scale of his crackpot scheme which ruined numerous lives over the previous decades was apparently not known at that time though as he only revealed the cases which definitely would not land him and his pedophile acquaintances in jail due to the expired limitations period.

The man never made a secret of his views on the topic either as he repeatedly argued in his works that social stigma is virtually the only traumatizing part of a sexual relationship between an adult and a child.

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