The R-Rated Art Campaign That’s A 2-Word ‘Primal Scream’ Against Donald Trump

“If you’re offended, you’re missing the point,” say organizers of the “F**k Trump” campaign.


The “Fuck Trump” project asks creatives to submit works featuring only that phrase. It invites audiences to download those images for free to print and display wherever they want.


“Our statement is blunt and bold, sure, but that is also its strength. It is a Primal Scream. It says what it means and it’s not shy about it,” White and Gibson explained in an email. “It tells President Trump exactly what we think of him. Isn’t that kind of transparency a welcome change after nearly 4 years of presidential bullshit, lies and deceit?”


They added: “Trump has no qualms about offending anyone, and his ego is the tallest glass mountain. To shatter his self-perception with a pointed and direct statement of total outrage and utter disappointment, one piece of art at a time, is a victory.”



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