Washington DC cops keep their cool while protesters taunt, provoke them in viral video

As Washington, D.C., police officers held their line outside Lafayette Park Monday night, a viral moment caught on video shows officers keeping their cool as protesters pepper them with insults and provocations…

“You’re a piece of sh—, you really are,” a white protester tells a black officer, pointing a finger in the officer’s face shield. “You’re part of the f—— problem. And I hope that your children treat you the way you deserve to be treated.”

The black officer, outfitted in riot gear, stands his ground and stays quiet as the white protester continues to rant, video shows. When the protester approaches within inches of the officer’s face again, the officer calmly asks him to “move along.”

The protester then gets in the face of a white officer, whom he tells he is “peacefully protesting” and is allowed to be in the officers’ faces as part of his “free First Amendment rights.” A second black officer tries to deescalate the situation and can be heard asking the protester to back up.

In one video, a black protester also taunts police outside Lafayette Park, singing “you gonna lose your job, you gonna lose your job” in a taunting fashion. He says, “I’m serious as f—, you gonna lose your job. Touch me, touch me.”

Article URL : https://www.foxnews.com/us/washington-dc-cops-keep-cool-protesters-taunt-provoke-viral-video

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