Welcome to the Summer of Slay, America

Shootings in Gotham were running at the rate of one an hour for much of the weekend, with final numbers up in the air. Upstate, 18 people were shot in Albany, two fatally, over three days; 12 hit in Syracuse, including nine at a single party; 10 in Buffalo.

Appalling? Sure. But think of it as the first fruits of criminal-justice “reform.”

To be sure, the Empire State wasn’t unique. In Chicago, police reported 102 shootings over the Father’s Day holiday — 14 fatal, including a 3-year-old boy. But you need a mechanical clicker to keep track of Chicago, so the weekend toll is likely to be higher.

Elsewhere, 11 were reported shot, with one fatality, in both Minneapolis and Detroit — and bullets were flying around Philadelphia, Baltimore and most of the rest of urban America.

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