Democratic Wisconsin State Senator Tim Carpenter, 60, collapses after being ‘punched and kicked in the head by ten protesters’

  • State Sen. Tim Carpenter said he had been heading into work late Tuesday when he stopped to take a video of protesters gathered outside the Capitol
  • Video captured by the senator shows hundreds of protesters chanting in the street, before two female activists break from the pack and charge towards him
  • As Carpenter pleads with the woman to ‘leave’ his phone, she is heard ordering him to delete the video, with the two seemingly ensnared in a struggle
  • Carpenter says the situation soon turned violent, with a group of ‘eight to 10’ protesters descending upon him and ‘punching and kicking’ him in the face
  • The assault has allegedly left him with a suspected concussion and a fractured nose, in addition to a bruised eye, sore ribs and back
  • Following the assault, Carpenter was seen kneeling down on the ground by his car before collapsing, prompting nearby journalists to summon an ambulance
  • Protestors took to the streets of Madison with a renewed passion following the dramatic arrest of black activist, Devonere Johnson, earlier in the day 
  • Activists also pulled down two statues, including one of Col. Hans Christian Heg, a Norwegian immigrant and abolitionist who died fighting for the Union 
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