Op-Ed: The Left Bullies Conservatives with ‘Black-and-White’ Thinking

Not long ago, the tendency to think of people, things and ideas as either all good or all bad was considered a weakness.

Black-and-white thinking, also called “splitting,” was widely viewed by mental health professionals as dysfunctional and maladaptive. It was a necessary feature for a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.

That diagnosis is mostly out of fashion today. Unsurprisingly, so is the view that splitting is either maladaptive or dysfunctional.

Black-and-white thinking is in vogue today primarily because the left continuously models, encourages and rewards it. It has permeated every area of what some Christian groups call the seven major spheres of society: religion, family, education, government, media, arts and business.

Since these are tactics that originated with the left, it is hardly surprising that leftists cast themselves in the role of the good guys. If you disagree or refuse to obey them, they instantly put you in their growing category of bad guys.

Such a mindset makes it forbidden to judge people as individuals, by the content of their character, the choices they’ve made or the actions they’ve taken. Black-and-white thinking allows the left to place collective blame on their enemies. It’s great for getting votes from those who are politically naive.

Anyone who belongs to a “protected” group is seen as a perpetual victim and must not be judged at all. That may seem like a better position, but ironically, it doesn’t provide any protection at all.

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