Baseball Starting Up for 2020

So… MLB has player approval, and a condensed 60 game season for baseball is starting up in July. Some rule changes:

  • Extra innings will now have each team starting with a runner on second for their inning-half.
  • Tobacco and sunflower seeds or spitting will not be allowed.
  • All teams will use a Designated Hitter because the leagues are being rearranged into 3 conferences of ten teams each, to restrict travel.

I hope other more interesting baseball points come up… but something that I never understood about North American sports… when you want teams to be close together in a conference… why is north/south distance disregarded?

Atlanta and and the two Florida teams are in the same conferences as Toronto and Boston. But Pittsburgh and Cleveland are in separate conferences. Huh?

I guess part of it is most of the teams in the MLB are clustered north and east of Kansas City… so someone’s going to be in a difference conference than a team within easy driving difference… but… why not just put the more southern cities in their own conference so they can be reasonably close to their rivals? Timezones maybe?

Also, how about sparing everyone the border grief, and just let Toronto play out of Buffalo this season?

Anyway… baseball, baseball, baseball. Your thoughts?

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