North Carolina Cops Share Fantasy Of Killing Black People In Coming Civil War, Get Fired

Three Wilmington, North Carolina, police officers have been fired after being caught on tape having a wildly racist conversation about how they just can’t wait to have a big ol’ civil war so they can kill Black people with impunity.

Naturally, they all claim that they are not racist. Because this is definitely the kind of conversation it would occur to a “not racist” person to have. The officers are blaming their comments on “stress” over the increased scrutiny on law enforcement officers following the murder of George Floyd and the protests thereafter.

That seems fairly unlikely. Stress can cause a lot of issues, but it’s not gonna make anyone go from zero to fantasizing about a racist killing spree — and if it does, that is definitely not the kind of person who ought to have a job as a police officer or to ever be near a gun again.

Wilmington Police Chief Donny Williams agrees, and to ensure that they never work in law enforcement again, has notified the N.C. Criminal Justice Training and Standards Commission of their behavior.

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