‘Pedophile’s victims grew up – then brought their own kids back for him to rape too’

Parents raped by a serial pedophile as children brought their own offspring back to him years later so he could rape those youngsters too, police say. Larry Dean Porter, 69, is said to have sexually abused multiple underage boys and girls ‘potentially for decades,’ and would supply their parents with drugs in return, it is alleged. Shockingly, the sex abuse ring in Wheelersburg, Ohio, is said to have included parents ‘previously abused by Porter’ who then grew up ‘and took their own children to Porter in return for drugs and cash.’ US Attorney David DeVilliers, who is helping prosecute Porter, said the alleged pervert had also filmed the abuse. DeVilliers explained: ‘Mr. Porter raped these young women. ‘Mr Porter filmed himself raping these young women. And he was helped by other individuals… who provided children to Larry Porter to be raped, to be filmed….’

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Charity Ann Rawlins, 41, and her husband Ronnie Rawlins, 47, brought a child for Porter to rape for multiple times a week for around five years. Porters’ daughters Crystal, 39, and Denna, 32, have also been charged with trying to cover up their father’s crimes over claims they attempted to hide flash drives containing sex abuse images produced by their dad. The alleged pedophile’s suspected child abuse finally came to light earlier this year after he was snared by a law enforcement sting that saw an undercover cop pose as a fellow pedophile. He was busted after turning up to what he believed was a meeting with the girl, having allegedly agreed to pay $80 to spend several hours abusing her. Chris Hoffman, from the FBI’s Cincinnati division, was stunned by the depravity of Porter’s alleged crimes. He said: ‘The alleged criminal activity in these indictments are some of the most disgusting, perverse and repulsive acts that I have ever heard of in 32 years of law enforcement…

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