“The Future of Trans” Documentary Shows the World Transgender People Deserve

This Pride month comes amid a year of intense wins and losses for transgender people. While the Trump administration continues to attempt to erase trans rights, and Black transgender women continue to face violence, events like the Brooklyn Liberation march and the Supreme Court affirming transgender rights have provided hope for the future. Imara Jones, creator and producer of TransLash Media, is taking that one step further with her short documentary The Future of Trans. In the film, she speaks to transgender people about how they imagined their future when they were young. These conversations show us what the future should look like: affirming, inclusive, and bright. Here, Imara writes about the genesis of the documentary.

We as transgender people possess a power right now stronger than that of those trying to erase us: The ability to imagine our future. In fact, at this moment in history, it is utterly necessary that we stake a claim on a transgender future. That is why I have spent the last year crisscrossing the United States talking to the smartest and bravest trans people I know. The result of these conversations is my documentary, The Future of Trans, which explores an undeniable point: Because transness is about living out new possibilities, we represent the very ideals of what the future could be. That’s because the future is one without gender conformity or the need to perform gender roles. It is where we will be able to live our authentic selves rather being defined by the expectation of others. It is also a place where we will be defined by what we create rather than what we consume or destroy. This vision is why the future is trans.

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