Trump Administration Makes Shock Find: Chinese Military Owns or Controls 20 Major Companies

A slew of companies operating in the United States have been discovered by the Department of Defense to be owned or controlled by the People’s Liberation Army.

According to Reuters, the list names 20 firms, some of which are already under American trade restrictions.

Companies found to have ties to China’s PLA include several telecommunications giants, a surveillance company and even an airplane manufacturer.

While President Donald Trump’s administration is now seeing even more of China’s unfair practices, the White House did not immediately lay out what steps would be taken to hold the companies accountable.

Two of the businesses listed, Huawei and Hikvision, are already under restrictions after national security concerns landed both on the U.S. Entity List last year.

The Entity List is essentially a trade blacklist that gives the government power to hinder companies working against American security interests.

For Huawei, its placement on the list jeopardized a key component of its business model — dealings with American companies.

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