Dissident Republican Groups Shift Into High Gear to Kick Trump While He’s Down

First, nearly a dozen website domains started being registered on June 3 and June 4—names like “43alumniforbiden” and “43alumniforjoebiden”—hinting that another anti-Trump Republican group supporting the presumptive Democratic nominee was in the works.


Now, three weeks later, organizers of “43 Alumni For Biden” are “preparing to launch,” becoming the latest in a series of GOP-led groups focused on defeating their party’s standard bearer as President Trump continues to crater into the summer.


“We are preparing to launch our effort,” a person identified as Michael Brown in his email signature confirmed to The Daily Beast after an inquiry about the formation of a group featuring former George W. Bush administration officials. Brown declined to elaborate further, but added the current timeframe is “in the next couple of weeks.”

Article URL : https://news.yahoo.com/dissident-republican-groups-shift-high-081100939.html

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