Tim Scott on Senate Dems blocking police reform bill: ‘Pure race politics at its worst’

“Think about this, Brian,” he urged. “In the House bill right now they refused any Republican amendments. In our legislation, I offered five because they said they needed five. I offered 20 because they said 20. I offered a manager’s amendment which basically means we can rewrite the parts of the bill that you want to. They said no. They had no desire to actually solve this issue before the election.”

According to Scott, Democrats’ obstinance and inability to act — citing the need for provisions Scott said he offered and data collection — will also be the reasons why there is “blood on their hands.”

“So, when you go piece by piece, with the only thing that you can conclude is [that] it wasn’t what we were talking about. It was who was talking,” he remarked. “And, not just me, Tim Scott, but who was talking was the Republican Party saying to minority communities, to underserved communities, to liberal-controlled communities like Atlanta and MinneapolisCleveland…We hear you. We see you. Here are reforms.’”

“We’re coming [in] after to fix their problems and that’s what the party, the Republican Party, has been doing for decades: fixing the challenges brought to people in liberal cities by liberal politicians,” Scott argued.

Article URL : https://www.foxnews.com/media/tim-scott-dems-blocking-police-reform-bill-race-politics

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