Tom Cotton Presents: 86 Ways To Say DC Has Too Many Black People To Be A State

Today, the House will vote on whether or not to allow Washington DC, unrepresented federal district, to become Washington, Douglass Commonwealth, actual state, with representation and everything. The general assumption is that it will pass the House along party lines and then get stalled in the Senate, because of all the Republicans there. Republicans don’t want DC to be a state, because it would likely go Democratic — which would then give Democrats two more Senators, and that’s not fair because Republicans enjoy having an advantage in the Senate. It would be much better, they think, for DC residents to selflessly sacrifice their interest in being represented so that Republicans can hold onto this advantage.

DC statehood, unlike every Republican idea, ever, is a good idea. More than that, it is a moral and ethical idea. It is terrible and stupid that anyone in this country doesn’t have representation. It is also stupid, for the record, that we still have “territories” like it’s the 1700s and we haven’t figured out that imperialism is bad.

It is also okay, Cotton said, because they — like our many territories — get a non-voting member of Congress who can introduce legislation. Again, it is creepy that we still have “territories” in the year 2020.

If DC wants to be a state, they should be a state. Period, end of story. And may I just point out that in England, the country that did all that taxation without representation to us, people in London have just as much representation in Parliament as those living anywhere else in the country. Just something to think about.

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