Abortion Group Trying To Legally Silence Pro-Life Advocate with Ridiculous Lawsuit

Just weeks after the American Civil Liberties Union dropped its lawsuit against seven east Texas cities for daring to pass laws designed to protect unborn babies, another pro-abortion group has decided to sue Right to Life East Texas as well as its director, Pastor Mark Lee Dickson.

The Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity, based in the liberal enclave of Austin, Texas, filed a lawsuit against “anti-abortion extremist” Dickson and his organization on June 11, claiming their statements that abortion groups promote the murder of unborn babies amount to defamation.

“Defendants’ lies about Lilith Fund and the other organizations are as simple as they are appalling,” the lawsuit says. “They have repeatedly stated that Lilith Fund and the other organizations are literal criminals when Defendants know that is not true. Worse still, Defendants have encouraged others, including members of local government in cities throughout the state, to also lie about Lilith Fund and other organizations.

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