The Book Your Church Doesn’t Want You to Read


The Book Your Church Doesn’t Want You to Read

I give you an extract from the said book: 

The general consensus in the United States is that if it is religious, it must be good. Criticism of religion is discouraged and stifled. It remains socially unacceptable to point out the main objections which skeptics and freethinkers have to religion: that it is both untrue, and harmful. Ironically, while criticism of religion rarely makes the mainstream, the slandering and scapegoating of atheists is so acceptable that polls have shown that most Americans would not consider voting for an atheist for President. The public harbors illusions straight out of the stuff that made William Jennings Bryan such a successful religious demagogue. One of his typical statements was, “Outside of the church are to be found the worthless; the criminal, and the degenerate, those who are a burden to society rather than an aid.”[The Book Your Church Doesn’t Want You to Read, edited by Tim C. Leedom (Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company 1993).]  

However, Wm. Jennings Bryan says nothing on what goes on in the church or in the minds of its clergy.

Christian religious indoctrination has taught believers that what makes you a good person is what you believe, not what you do. “Get right with God” and everything else falls into place, is the fundamentalist view.[Ibid]


The thought of invoking demons in a religious mind sends alarm bells ringing for such things as Fear, Terror, Evil, Carnal Love, Possession, the Devil and Hell.  Yet, from the earliest times, the Christian church has used all the above to keep its followers in check!  Even today’s Catholic and Protestant Churches still harbour such evil in its midst from its hierarchy to the pulpit stompers.  Whom, have taken advantage of for millennia of the most vulnerable in our society?  Namely, children that they sexually abuse (girls and boys) to gratify their perverse sexual appetites.  Documentation from the earliest Church Synod/Council of Elvira (c. 306 CE) has proved that Paedophilia has been rampant in the church for more than 1,700 years.  With a percentage from Pope to Priest from Archbishop to Minister who are guilty of such a crime.  A crime which is immeasurable over time with young innocents abused running into tens of millions, even hundreds of millions throughout the world from ancient to present times.

Clerical abuse is a “massive reality” in the Church caused among other factors by “closed systems” and the overinflated authority of priests, —Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.

One can ask is Clerical Sexual Abuse (CSA) is due to the force requirements of a religious institution, who keeps its clergy celibate.  Or is it due to a sexual abnormality or both?  

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In human taxonomic/biology, sexual deprivation is no different to sleep deprivation or the deprivation of copulation or procreation or the privation of proliferation of the species.  In other words extinction of Humanity.  It is human nature to do all these things which the ascetic church denies.  Man is no different from any other animal species on earth.  Humans belong to the Great Apes and as such, they are classified as Mammalia, Primates, Hominidae, Homo sapiens sapiens Linnaeus.  However, the term sapiens (wise) is an epithet.  Then it stands that if humans have a soul (which they do not as it is not scientifically proved) then all the Mammalia in the family of primates must also have souls.  However, they don’t!  What Humans and their Great Ape family all have in common is that they all have soles!

Do you think the Churches harbour evil in the form of sexual deviant clergy who hid under the guises of their so-called God?  Whom are attracted to the ministry as their pray is readily available as dung attracts flies? Or what do you say?



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