BLM co-founder begged ‘Allah’ for strength to not ‘kill’ white people

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If you wonder how Black Lives Matter (BLM) became such a violent and militant group, the answer can be found in one of their co-founders: A Sudanese refugee and proud Marxist by the name of Yusra Khogali is one of the hate-spewing Black Lives Matter elements in Canada. Khogali is also a devout anti-white activist and racist.

She believes white people are “subhuman” and should be “wiped out.” As a matter of fact, she hates white people so passionately, once, she went on Twitter and (in a now-deleted tweet) begged “Allah” to give her the strength not to “kill white people.”

Couple that energy with what we see today from BLM —threatening to burn America down and claiming to be proud “trained Marxists”— and you get a better understanding of why we’re in the place we are right now. Also, remember, Barack Obama legitimized this Marxist group while he was in the White House.



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