Companies succeed in pressuring Facebook to yield, join Twitter in censoring, Parler’s rise explodes

As we inch closer to the November election, Big Tech has pushed all-in on censoring content on its social media platforms in the quest to ensure that there is not a repeat of 2016, when they were used to help elect President Donald Trump.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was the first to have the audacity to flag content from the president, who has 82.5 million followers on the social media platform, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now committing to do the same in his quest to “fight hate speech.”

The problem being the left-of-center Trump-hating platforms are the judges of what’s hate speech and what’s not, and of what constitutes white supremacy — a catchword on the left to censor the opposition.

Meanwhile, the new kid on the block, the free expression site Parler, couldn’t be more pleased as its user count is exploding.

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