Fox News May Be Making The Spread Of COVID-19 Worse, According To Studies

Conservative media, in particular Fox News, has been all over the place in its coronavirus coverage. When Donald Trump dismissed the virus in February and even March, Fox News held strong on the “this will all blow over soon” talking points. They went so far as to advise people to keep traveling and enjoying restaurants. When the administration started keeping it “seriously” they started to as well, telling people to wash their hands and social distance.

Once Trump got bored of giving daily briefings (or was stopped after suggesting injecting bleach), things took another change. It seems like this White House administration is forcing the country to open rather than pay unemployment or help anyone, which means Fox and other news sources like it are peddling the idea that everything is back to normal. They’ve even politicized wearing face masks, one of the most basic things preventing the spread of COVID-19.

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