Activists set up guillotine outside DC home of Jeff Bezos during protest of Amazon

Activists were recorded standing outside of Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos’s Washington, D.C., home demanding his company be abolished.

Videos posted to Twitter Sunday show a pair of protesters standing next to a guillotine, which gained popularity during the French Revolution to carry out executions.

Bezos is ranked as the world’s wealthiest person, with an estimated net worth of more than $100 billion.

A flier posted to Twitter from the account “abolish the present/reconstruct our future” advertised the event Saturday.

“Amazon works directly with police to surveil us, stoking racist fears in the name of profit. Doubling down on their union busting and mistreatment of workers, Amazon fired and racially slandered labor organizer Chris Smalls. Join us to tell Bezos enough is enough!” the flier stated.

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