Candace Owens and Marc Lamont Hill face off for an hour plus over BLM, in healthy, meaningful debate

Liberal commentator Dr. Marc Lamont Hill joined conservative pundit Candice Owens on her PragerU podcast Sunday to discuss whether the Black Lives Matter movement and many other politically controversial subjects.

After noting that she has often called for more dialogue between black conservatives and liberals, Owens added that Hill — a tenured professor of media studies at Temple University — was one of the very few who agreed.

The two began by discussing the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis, with Owens addressing statements she made online about how she did not believe that he deserved “this martyr status” because of his criminal past.

While acknowledging that the two of them were in agreement that the manner in which Floyd died was wrong, Hill said that, for his part, the Minneapolis man’s past life of crime was “beside the point” and “a distraction.”

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