Coronavirus: From my view in Hong Kong, American reluctance to wear a mask is suicidal

To mask or not to mask … That’s still the question? Seriously?

It shouldn’t be, not when a lethal virus might be a sneeze, a cough or simply a breath away. Not when the pandemic has killed nearly a half-million people worldwide, including more than 125,000 in the United States — and several states are spiking.


People here in Hong Kong understand this and wonder: Why, after so much misery, are millions of Americans so clueless?


This is a perspective from a masked metropolis, a semi-autonomous region of China where people started wearing facial coverings back in January, not long after news spread of a mysterious outbreak in Wuhan, only about 570 miles away. With memories of severe acute respiratory syndrome and other deadly viruses, Hongkongers didn’t wait for a government directive to start masking up.

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