MSNBC Brings on Anti-Semite Sharpton to Attack Zuckerberg, Facebook ‘Hate Speech’

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MSNBC’s daily dumpster fire of commentary, also known as Morning Joe, continued unchallenged Monday, when co-host Mika Brzezinski brought on race-baiting Reverend Al Sharpton to discuss one of Joe Scarborough’s favorite targets, Facebook.

Scarborough’s social media rants are obsessively targeted at Facebook. What is his deal? Twitter and other social media platforms get some criticism from Scarborough, but Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg are often the main focus of his hysterical rants. Perhaps viewers should question whether or not Scarborough’s recent constant personal attacks on Zuckerberg and Facebook’s chief operating officer Cheryl Sandberg start to border on anti-Semitism, especially as Zuckerberg has become publicly more religious in recent months.

Why on earth is Sharpton still being brought on this show to talk about race relations, or in this case, hate speech? Remember, this is the man responsible for the Crown Heights Riots, the controversy surrounding Freddy’s Fashion Mart, and the Tawana Brawley fake rape accusation. And MSNBC wants to bring him on to talk about hate speech? Who has made remarks like “blood sucking Jews” and “Jew bastards” and “white interlopers”? Scarborough’s choice of guest certainly is not helping him look less anti-Semitic when it comes to criticizing Facebook.

Frankly, the amount of hateful rhetoric that MSNBC continues to promote on its morning and primetime shows is abhorrent. Continually bring on offensive guests like Sharpton, continually pushing old and tired conspiracy theories accusing President Trump of being in bed with the Russians and all the rest. When will MSNBC get it together and clean up it’s own disgraceful act?




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