Texas prosecutor resigns after Facebook post appearing to compare protesters to Nazis

A Texas prosecutor has resigned and will be replaced by another prosecutor after reportedly sharing a post on Facebook that compares protesters demonstrating against police brutality racial inequality to Nazis, the Harris County District Attorney’s told ABC 13 on Monday.

Kaylynn Williford, who works for District Attorney Kim Ogg, shared a Facebook post comparing protesters to Nazis, according to a screenshot shared on Facebook. The district attorney’s office confirmed the post was Williford’s, according to ABC13. 

“When speech made in the privacy of one’s home or on social media contradicts our core values, we take action,” Ogg reportedly said in a letter to her office. “While [it is] not our intent to involve ourselves in employees’ personal lives, when their social media or private actions publicly contradict and violate this Office’s policies, the law allows us as an employer to investigate and implement graduated sanctions ranging from education and counseling up to termination.”


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