Trump received written briefing on Russian bounties months ago, New York Times reports

President Donald Trump received a written briefing in February about intelligence regarding potential bounties offered by Russians to Afghan militants to kill American service members, The New York Times reported Monday night, citing two officials with knowledge of the matter.

The Associated Press also reported that the White House was aware of intelligence that Russians had placed bounties on U.S. troops in 2019.

The Times said the investigation has homed in on a car bombing in April 2019 that killed three Marines. Felicia Arculeo, whose son Cpl. Robert Hendriks, 25, died in the attack, told CNBC earlier Monday that she wanted an investigation into the claims that the victims were targeted by Taliban fighters who may have been offered bounties by Russian military intelligence agents. 

Sgt. Benjamin Hines, 31, and Staff Sgt. Christopher Slutman, 43, were the other Marines killed in the attack, which came days before they were due to return home from Afghanistan. 

The Times on Friday first reported that U.S. intelligence agencies had assessed that a Russian intelligence unit last year offered bounties to Islamist fighters in Afghanistan who killed U.S. soldiers.

The Times also reported that Trump had been briefed on the matter in March, but as of yet had not decided on whether or how to retaliate against Russia after being presented with a menu of options.

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