Trump’s Real Reason for Running for a Second Term: Fear of Being Remembered as a One-Term ‘Loser’

At a Thursday night “town hall” event hosted by his most obsequious of interviewers, Fox News star Sean Hannity, Donald Trump struggled with the simplest of questions: What did he want to accomplish in a second term in office?


The president had no answer. And the rambling response he did offer raised the specter that there actually is no second-term agenda in place.


That’s not true. The president and his administration have been drawing up plans on what to prioritize, should he vanquish former Vice President Joe Biden. Half a dozen knowledgeable sources—administration officials, campaign aides, and people close to President Trump—tell The Daily Beast that planning has long been underway for potential 2021 policy pursuits. But a prevailing interest driving Trump’s desire for another four years is not ideological. It’s reputational.

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