With no course correction in sight, Trump risks defeat

Analysis by Maeve Reston, CNN

Updated 3:36 PM ET, Sun June 28, 2020

Trump is downplaying the virus. The facts show a surge

(CNN)It is hard to remember another incumbent president in recent history who has done as little as Donald Trump to try to win reelection. In an environment that forecasts a November disaster for Republicans, Trump continued last week to barrel down a road that seems destined for defeat.

Rather than course correcting in the midst of tumbling poll numbers, Trump — who doesn’t like to admit mistakes — appears incapable of shifting in a more constructive direction on myriad fronts, from race relations to the coronavirus crisis.

Last week, he again refused to acknowledge the worsening pandemic or encourage Americans to adopt the simple and effective measure of wearing a mask, even though lives are on the line. At a time when thousands have lost the health care they had through their jobs, Trump redoubled his efforts to strip Americans of health insurance obtained through the Affordable Care Act.

He continued to use racist language to describe the virus and kindled more disquiet by championing the cause of dead generals with racist pasts at a time when a majority of Americans say they hope to stamp out racism.


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